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Magnus News Agency is a modern bespoke press agency providing and sourcing original and user-generated content for the British and international press, and social media industry.

Magnus was founded in August, 2017, drawing on a decade’s experience in the press, both in the UK and around the world.

Our award-winning director came up with the idea for Magnus because he is passionate about delivering the highest quality content to publishers, and so to their readers, viewers and listeners.

Why work with us?

At Magnus we are always on the look out for a story, and we want to help you get that story to the press. See some of our published work from the UK and around the world.

We aim to provide an honest transparent system where ordinary people and professionals can help set the news agenda. Magnus are not a big agency so you have the comfort of knowing you’re getting a dedicated personal service.

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Richard Ashmore


Richard Ashmore

Richard started Magnus News Agency in 2017 after working and excelling in the highly competitive and demanding press agency world for many years. He has worked as a reporter and editor for some of the best press agencies in Britain in several locations in the UK and in Sydney, Australia. As well as working for press agencies Richard first cut his journalistic teeth working on local newspapers in the UK. He has also worked on two British national Sunday newspapers. Richard lives with his wife and two cat children. Magnus News Agency is named after a Labrador dog named Magnus, he was an Ashmore family pet many years ago in rural North Yorkshire, England. Every dog has its day.